On October 18th at 6.30 pm the residency project “Nave Call 2020” will be presented, followed at 7.30 pm by the collective performance “Negli occhi il suono del vento, nel cuore il profumo del sole” by Fabio Mangolini at Cecilia – Centro per la creatività di Tito.

On the occasion of the public return, the story of “Nave Call 2020”, an international multidisciplinary residency call on board the Nave degli Incanti, currently installed in the external square of the Cecilia, which the Gommalacca Teatro company, directed by Mimmo Conte and Carlotta Vitale, launched from 25 July to 13 September this year, will be shared with the public present.

The Ship is a place of interdisciplinary research and investigation conceived by Gommalacca Teatro, co-produced with the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation. It is a mobile, borderline space, a place that can be crossed, a symbol of the present, the past and the future, open to the world, and which favours and hosts dialogue between citizens and the community of artists and researchers. In launching the multidisciplinary residency, the promoters turned to those who conduct research on new methods of cultural dialogue and practices of citizenship and co-creation in their artistic journey and who perceive the need for a space capable of offering new perspectives to experiment and vibrate.

The diffusion of the call was supported by the consortium Materahub, the Farm Cultural Park of Favara, #reteteatro41 with the support in residence of the Cecilia – Centre for Creativity. The call was answered by 118 artists and researchers from 17 different countries; the winner Fabio Mangolini, actor, pedagogue and director with an international profile, won the attention of the evaluators for the singularity and value of the proposal.

On 18 October the Ship will be crossed by a story that really happened: on 21 January 1961, the group Directorio Revolucionario Ibérico de Liberación (DRIL) seized the Portuguese transatlantic liner of the “Santa Maria” Company that was sailing between Caracas and Lisbon. Almost 1000 passengers were travelling on the liner. The group of hijackers wanted to bring the attention of the whole world to the dictatorships of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar and Francisco Franco. The hijacking lasted thirteen days during which the transatlantic liner lost track and wandered between the coasts, during her journey the ship was renamed Santa Liberdade.

Fabio Mangolini – he started from this story – to confront himself with 26 citizens between Potenza and Tito and “to investigate what contemporary space we give to utopias, be they pure testimony or seeds for the generation of new ways of building reality. In this sense I have made available the materials collected on this story in years of research simply by telling them, then through direct mediation, and then to develop paths of research and collective dramaturgy”.
The case of the Repubblica dei Piani Sottani (Republic of the Underground Plans), of which Michele Mulieri from Lucania proclaimed himself Chief in the possessions between Grassano and Tricarico, was also explored in depth.

“We believe that the intrinsic value of Santa Liberdade lies in the strength of its narrative, and for everything that it symbolically evokes and is unequivocally adherent to the space and themes. We also believe that Fabio Mangolini’s virtue lies in his competence to become a “mediator” as an artist and pedagogue between the community, history and the NAVE space. In this residency we have put into play the desire to observe the relationship that other eyes build with the Ship, the desire to enter into a productive relationship, to propose new routes and schemes of play to push the reflection and the sense of making theatre, community, social activation now, in this historical moment”. Charlotte Vitale

To participate in the presentation and then take part in the performance you must book by sending a message with your name to 393.3054088.