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Gommalacca Teatro is a company that allows itself every possible space in the languages of art and is always ready to betray the choices it has made.

The company is located in a peripherical district of Potenza, but having a strong core never loses its center. It is born from the artistic heritage and entrepreneurial vision of its founders and from the energy of those who work on, and those who participate in the activities.

The neighbourhood in which it is located are unique and traceable, immediately catches the eye, and is stimulating for those involved in performing arts, architecture and urban regeneration. . The nucleus is always available for dialogue and willing to contaminate the languages of the arts in all its forms, performative, educational and social and share and develop national and international collaborations.

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Arts Education

Abbiamo imparato a parlare molte lingue: quelle dei bambini, degli adolescenti, delle donne e degli uomini adulti.

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