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U-Platz, Civic and theatrical space

U-Platz is a small theater hall that hosts rehearsals, stage research workshops of the company, small shows, children's theater workshops, workshops, reviews. It is located in the Cocuzzo di Potenza district, also known as Serpentone.

For a production company that deals with contemporary theatre, the place of action of one’s own thought and soul is fundamental. The company has long sought this place in the city that could produce a condition inspired and meaningful. So the choice fell on the Serpentone, the neighbourhood “to which we feel we belong”. The practice of theatre, the shared vision, the finding oneself around themes and the need to re-read reality are the objectives of the company and the reason for “making theatre and culture” now and in this place.

The space has a rehearsal room/laboratory of about 40 square meters, two modular dressing rooms/foyer, a black square that covers a space of 4 m wide by 4 m deep (with the possibility of “opening” the backdrop with a window overlooking the porch floor), a bathroom and ante-bathroom, a small storage room, a large square outside porch where you can set up performances. Nearby there are ample parking and shops of various types / bar / supermarket. The stage space can be used for shows both in the 4×4 quadrature and in the entire space.

Internal capacity: 50 people; External capacity (maximum): 200 people (on the same useful corridor)